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Wet Hay Causing Fires

GRANGER, Wash. - Yakima County Firefighters say two recent hay fires near Granger and Buena are the result of growers bailing wet hay.

They say the fires are caused by a process of rapid decay.

The heat from the wet hay rotting can become so high it reaches an ignition point and catches on fire. 

Firefighters say they haven't seen hay fires like these in three to four years.

"We had a lot of problems with large bails, it's the large bails that are causing us all the problems because they have so much hay in one compact unit and it has no way to dry out or air out, so they put it on the stack and it heats up even more and ignites, it might be one bail, but it'll burn the whole stack," said Allen Walker, YCFD Deputy Chief. 

The hay fire in Granger caused 600-thousand dollars worth of damage.

The Granger Fire Department and Red Cross assisted county firefighters to battle the fire.