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Yakima Speedway Could Soon be Replaced by Retail

YAKIMA, Wa -   The Yakima Speedway has been a staple in the Valley for over four decades, but the racing may soon reach the finish line, and developers could get the green light to build a retail shopping center.

Ted Pollock owns the race track and now he's seriously considering selling the land.  Bruce Smith, Editor and Publisher of the Yakima Valley Business Times says the clock is ticking.  "I don't think it's going to happen tomorrow, but within the next five years, within the next ten years.  It won't be the Yakima Speedway."

In a phone conversation with KNDO, Pollock says the race track is not on the market officially, but he will sell for the right price.  Bruce Smith says Pollock has hired a commercial realtor to help him find a developer.

"As that area has developed and as it has become a stronger retail draw, it's a very under utilized piece of property," says Smith.

The Yakima Speedway is profitable.  The race track's general manager Ron Bennett says racing is the biggest spectator sport in the valley, but it's only open about half the year, and there's acres upon acres that just aren't used.

"You know that there are very few parcels of land that are located that close to a freeway, that are in the middle of developed commercial area, that have that many acres," says Smith.