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Metals Worker May Have Been Contaminated with PCB

PASCO, Wash. - Keith Judd said it was a normal work day at Twin City Metals in Kennewickin June. Sitting on the porch of his pasco home on Friday, herecalls the event sayinghis life was about to change as a transformer that was supposed to be empty spilled oil all over him.

Judd said he began feeling sick, throwing up, anddeveloped sores all over his body. Judd adds he wasn'tthe only one who needed medical care. His infant daughter and wife have also been checked for possiblePCB contaminates.

Judd said days after the incident,a worker contracted through Fluor Hanford showed up at his home in Pasco and told him they need to remove everything he'd come in contact with. According to Fluor Hanford, that worker has since resigned from the case.

Craig Clairmont with Fluor Industrial Hygiene Services saidall materials in the home are removed. He said they will betested for PCB'sand if theytest positive, all materials will be burried.

Fluor Hanford tells KNDU they've provided Judd's family with a stipend to live off of. They have also bought him new furniture, and will buy new carpet for the house. They are also putting the Judd's up in a home for now.