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Digging Starts for a Mammoth in the Wenas

WENAS VALLEY, Wash. - It's the first day of field work out at the Mammoth site in the Wenas.

Double the amount of students are working at the site this year.

There are about 18 students working and gaining field experience; that's compared to the eight students last year.

Professors say more students are interested now that word has got out about the Mammoth dig. 

Jayne-Leigh Thomas worked on this hillside last summer, she is one of the only returning field worker's from last year's dig.

Thomas has a lot of interest in the Mammoth since it practically sits in her back yard.

"I graduated from Selah High School and actually I can see my house from the site, it's really neat to be coming back home and getting the chance to work in the Wenas Valley where I grew up," said Thomas.

There are also quite a few fresh faces this year.

One of them, Tim Held, CWU Junior, heard about last years dig and registered for the class.

"That's it, once I heard about it, you know, it's once in a lifetime," Held said.

All of the students and professors, many of them from universities all around the Northwest are a part of the only Mammoth dig in Washington.

It's also the only one in thirty years that not only focuses on excavating bones, but also studying the nearby soil and vegetation.

There are seven bones left in the hillside from last years dig, with hopes of many more.

"I would like to find a skull, that would be pretty cool, I don't know, we'll see," Held said.