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A/C Hums During Heat Wave

KENNEWICK, Wash. - When its hot outside, many people sit home and crank up the air conditioner. With more people using their A/C, service companies are doing their best to keep up. 

A little flick of the wrist, and within a minutes the temperature in your house can be a lot cooler than what it is outside. Carl Boss of Kennewick said he runs his all day. I asked him why and he just laughed.

"Step outside and you'll find out... It's hot," said Boss.    

With so many people like Boss turning up the A/C in their house, service repair companies are working overtime. Some companies said they enjoy the work there's just a lot of it.

"A lot of customers don't really realize what kind of volume and work we have to go through and do this time of year," said Andy Roberts, All-Phase Refrigeration & Heating Inc.   

Just to stay ahead Franklin P.U.D. today planned to turn on a reserve combustion turbine.

"That's why we built that CT site as insurance so we basically have an additional 43 megawatts of power from that site alone," said Debbie Bone-Harris, Franklin P.U.D.  

And Benton P.U.D. said it customers shouldn't worry about running the fan either. It has enough energy to avoid a major power outage.

"Rolling black outs or brown outs, there would have to be an extreme drought again and lack of water for us to have those kinds of concerns," said Karen Miller, Benton P.U.D.