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Theoret: "We have to make changes to make it go faster"

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"It was a lot of fun 'til I got caught for bearing out," joked Jean Theoret after being penalized one lap in two separate races at Evansville. "(It was) not a good call, " he said about the race in which he and U-7 driver Mike Allen were going deck-to-deck. "I spoke to Mike Allen after the event, he said I never did it."

It was one of the better races recently. "Fantastic," Theoret called it. Two boats locked deck-to-deck. "We put on a good show."

After the heat, Allen and Theoret hugged on the docks.

Theoret also clipped a buoy at Evansville, sending it downstream. "The second corner was so rough, so bad," he said. "I went outside - never saw it."

"The beginning of the season is not what we expected," Theoret said. "We made changes over winter, it's not handling the way it did last year." The changes to the U-37 have broguht the right sponson a lot closer to the water, but it's cost a little in the speed department. "We're lacking 10 or 15 mph top speed. The former red boats are going by us, jimmy (Jimmy King U-3), Ellstrom (Dave Villwock, U-1)... we have to make changes to make it go faster."

But, Theoret says the boat did handle better in Madison. "A lot calmer," he said.