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Firework Usage Low In Yakima

YAKIMA, Wa.,-Fire crews have not been as busy this Fourth of July weekend because of a special fireworks unit fighting fire works.  It started two years ago to cut down on the number of accidental fires--and so far--it works. Yakima Fire Departments' Assistant Fire Marshall said, "we have had less firework use this year because of it.  It is a combinination of things, but firework use appears to be down 85-90 percent these first couple of patrols."  In past years, the firework patrol only confiscated fireworks, but this year they have added another factor that they believe will deter people, even more, from using fireworks--they are giving out citations.  Melcher says "we can not only confiscate fireworks, but we can also write a citation and that's gonna end up in a court appearance and the judge will make a determination on what the sentence will be.  It could be a fine, it could be jail time or it could be both." And parents take note, Melcher says for those under twelve years of age; who are too young to receive citations--a citation will be given to you.  Officials say they hope to eliminate all firework usage in Yakima.  Melcher adds "a lot of people have realized that its against the law.  We got the message out about the band and now they don't want to go out and make a purchase of the fireworks and have us take it away from them.