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Local Laboratories Recieve National Awards

RICHLAND, Wash.- Pacific Northwest National Laboratories has received five R&D 100 Awards for their work in the past year, including one for a breakthrough in cancer treatment. 

PNNL, alongside IsoRay Medical, developed a new treatment for Prostate Cancer.  It involves placing a small piece of Cesium-131, called a "seed," inside the tumor with the hopes that it will kill cancer cells.

The revolutionary treatment has been in use for nearly a year now, and, according to IsoRay Executive Vice President Dave Swanberg, has shown results as good or better than previous treatments.  The main difference versus old treatments involves the side effects.

The "seed" has a half-life of around two weeks, meaning the side effects tend to fully tail off after about 20 days.  The side effects are also much less severe than with conventional treatments, according to Swanberg.

PNNL also received awards for their work on e-RESS, MilliWave Thermal Analyzers, SIM and TI MIM.

e-RESS is a technology that improves the process for coating medical devices, providing more consistent results.

The MilliWave Thermal Analyzer uses militates to measure the temperature and other key variables in materials.

Surface-Induced Mineralization is a technique that allows calcium-phosphate coatings enhanced with therapeutic agents to be deposited on orthopedic implants and medical devices.

Ti MIM is a technique for metal injection that allows producers to create higher quality titanium parts for everything from medical to aerospace applications.