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Valleyfield: Friday Time Trials

VALLEYFIELD, Quebec - The big story of the day on Friday's hydroplane racing tour was the accident involving the U-1 Elam and driver Dave Villwock.  Villwock's OK, but the boat's not.  And it appears the back-up hull is back home in Washington state.  Can it be fixed in time to race this weekend?  ABRA sreports probably not, but no official word from the race team yet.

There were boats on the water on Friday at Valleyfield for qualifying laps and time trials.  Remember, it's a one-mile course here - much tighter than normal and quick turns.  So don't expect speeds to be what you may be used to seeing.

Unofficial Time Trial Results - Friday

 119.245  U-1 Elam  Dave Villwock
 115.163  U-5  Mike Weber
 111.732  U-37 Beacon Plumbing  Jean Theoret
 108.466  U-7 II  Mike Allen
 108.173  U-3 Copper Express  Jimmy King
 107.111  U6 Oh Boy! Oberto  Steve David
 107.079  U-21 Simpatico Beer  Kevin Aylesworth
 97.614  U-2.25 Superior Racing  Ken Muscatel