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Democrats kick off local campaign in Kennewick

KENNEWICK, Wash. - Local Democrats were handing out buttons, bumper stickers and yard signs as they kicked off their 2006 campaign.

Democrats held similar events in 12 areas throughout the state.  They are all working to re-elect Maria Cantwell, so volunteers and community leaders came out for the effort this morning. 

Bob Parazin is the Vice Chair for the Benton County Democrats.  He said, "We're building on the base that Maria already has in this area. It's kind of an outreach program to get people stirred up and get them involved."

Benton County Prosecutor Andy Miller said Democrats have to work hard, "Especially here, in the Tri-Cities we are the minority, so we're going to have to work a little bit harder."

They have started campaigning in the Tri-Cities early this year and want Cantwell to be re-elected and support the entire democratic ticket for the November election. 

Parazin said, "Two years ago the coordinated campaign didn't come to the tri-cities until august as you can see there's more interest and energy so we started it in June this time."

About 40 democrats were handing out yard signs through out the Tri-Cities.  Parazin said, "but this is just the start. Don't expect thousands of yard signs Sunday morning that won't happen, but we're building the contacts and working on that."

Miller said, "In a lot of the state she's perceived as not being liberal enough, but I think that's why she's going to get a lot of support from the Tri-Cities."

Senator Cantwell's challenger Mike McGavick is four days into his open mike tour.  Today his focus was on reforming federal spending and eliminating the deficit.