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Sex Offenders in Yakima

YAKIMA, Wash - In Yakima no-one person is exempt from being a product of a sexual assault.  If caught for a sexual crime you will be arrested and jailed, but what happens to the offenders when they are released from jail after they come out of prison? 

Detective Skipton says upon their release, sexual offenders have to check in with a corrections officer on an average of once-a-week.  And he says they are also required to register their address as a sex offender where-ever the live.  

Skipton says "most sex offenders live on the East side of town--East of 24th, but they live in various locations in the city. 

Skipton says they keep track of all of the sex offenders in Yakima very closely and if an offender fails to check then its back to jail they go.  A warrant is issued for their arrest and almost always arrested--we usually find anyone with a warrant, said Skipton. 

According to Skipton, some sexual offenders are more watched than others based on a scale of 1-2 or 3.  The 2's and 3's are the offenders who are most likely to offend again. 

Skipton said, "the level two's and three's, we consider a little more serious and we like to keep better track of them and I check them every two to three months--personally.