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Men and Domestic Violence

TRI-CITIES, Wash. - In the most recent murder case involving a local husband and wife domestic violence was reported as a problem in the past.  We often talk about steps women can take to prevent an attack but what is offered for men who are violence.

Although the majority of victims are women and most of the programs are geared to help them, there are places for men to get help.  You can call 509-735-2271 if you need help.

It is a group that provides services and counseling.

About 80 percent of people who witness domestic violence as children engage in some type of abuse as adults. 

Domestic violence specialists said you might have a problem if you are overly jealous, threaten or isolate your wife or girlfriend, or feel like you constantly need to control her.

Benton Franklin County Domestic Abuse shelter service director Erinn Gailey said women are in the most danger right after they leave an abusive situation.

She said, "Perpetrators are so desperate to regain that power and control over a woman that they are more likely to become more dangerous and more violent."

Domestic Violence specialists said getting professional help for your control problem is most important and getting to the root of the problem and understanding why you resort to violence is the main issue.

When someone is murdered in a domestic violence situation there is usually a history of abuse.