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House destroyed in Kennewick Fire

KENNEWICK, Wash. - A man was left homeless after fire destroyed his Kennewick home.  Fire fighters were on the scene for almost six hours today battling the blaze and returned this afternoon because smoke was coming from the house.

Firefighters said they are currently investigating the situation.  It happened at 21st and South Rainier Street this morning in Kennewick.

Police said the man who lives here was mowing his lawn when neighbors yelled that the house was on fire.

Red Dot lives next door to the victim and said, "I went out in my slippers and went over to the fence where the smoke was and hollered."

Dot was handing out water to all the firefighters.  The victim was trying to put the flames out with a nearby garden hose, but it did not help much.

Dot said, "I'm guessing his house is totaled.  It's a shame.  He's either going to have to rebuild or move.  I prefer him to rebuild. He's a good neighbor."

Firefighters were concerned the roof would collapse so they were trying to fight the blaze without completely entering the home, in a method they call, the defensive attack.

Neighbors said in recent years there has been a number of fires.  "This is the third house in the neighborhood that's gone up."