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Rite Aid Burglary

RICHLAND, Wash. - Richland police want to know who broke into the Rite Aid on Lee Boulevard either late last night or early this morning.

It's been a headache for employees, but it's also caused other problems throughout the city.

Rite aid employees came into work Friday morning and planned on opening the store just like any other day, but this time workers noticed someone had broken in through the back door, and they immediately called police.

Police think thieves cut the lines in a nearby telephone box to disable the alarm, then pried their way into the building through the back door.

When thieves cut the lines, they also knocked out cable and Internet connections for roughly 150 people. Charter communications workers said they've tried to get service back online early Friday morning, but they seemed to step on officers toes.

"The damage they did was at the base of the pole so its not easy to repair. You have to thread through the conduit, but then again (police) shut (us) down at 7 o'clock and said, You guys are done for now, and we've been on stand by for four hours after that. Just waiting," said James Moore, Charter Communications.    

The burglary not only caused problems for Charter, but also customers trying to fill their prescriptions.

Verna Traeger said she can't go anywhere else for her medication.

"It had already been called in and that's the only place that I could go because welfare won't pay for any other place without it coming out of my pocket, and I can't afford it," said Traeger.  

Police said thieves didn't steal any cash. They just wanted painkillers from the pharmacy. It's an addiction police said is sweeping the country.

"People get addicted to all different kinds of prescription medications whether its pain killers or steroids or some other things that alter people's mood or condition," said Sgt. Dan Phillips, Richland Police Department.    

The Rite Aid pharmacy reopened around 2 p.m. Charter Communications lines were up and running around 4 p.m.

Officers are still looking for the suspects in this case. If you have any information call the Richland Police Department.