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Tri-City ResidentsTrapped in Lebanon

KENNEWICK, Wash. - Fighting between Israel and Lebanon continued Monday, putting thousands of American's lives at risk, including seven Tri-City residents. 

Monday Israeli troops fired another round of missiles, destroying cities throughout Lebanon.

Just days before bombing began two weeks ago, the Men's Sales Manager at J.C. Penney's in Columbia Center Mall, who is Lebanese, left to Lebanon for a family wedding, with her three children. One of her children also works at the store. Three other former employees are there too, all without a way to get out.

J.C. Penney workers are worried.

"I helped her sons pick out outfits and everybody in the suit department was helping her pick out outfits, and to know two days after she got there everything's happening, it's really scary," said Sheila Hansen, Customer Service Associate. 

The Assistant Store Manager just talked to her Sunday. He said she took her family to a city she thought was safe, but Israeli troops bombed that town too.

"What she told me is things you see on T.V. are nothing compared to what it's (really) like over there," said Mark Ramos, J.C. Penney Assistant Store Manager.   

Ramos said the relationship he has with his Men's Sales Manager is more than just business as usual.

He said when she calls the store, everyone wants to get on phone.

"We basically said we love you, she said she loved us. It's more than she works here. She's our family," said Ramos.