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Fuel Costs hurting City of Richland

RICHLAND, Wash. - High fuel costs are pinching the pockets of the City of Richland.  

The Administrative Service Director Ron Musson said it is affecting the city budget significantly. They have made efforts to cut back, but it still cost the city an extra $57,000, compared to last year.

The City of Richland owns over 500 trucks, trailers, and cars.  Musson said the roads needed to be worked on; parks still need to be mowed and police still need to fill up their patrol cars even though the cost of fuel is rising. 

City employees are aware of the problem and have used 7,000 gallons less this year as compared to last year.

Dwight Lee works for the City of Richland and said he shuts down the truck down every time his is not actually running the equipment or trucks.  He said, the dump trucks have a mechanism that only lets them run for one or two minutes then they automatically shut down. 

Lee said employees also car pool to different work sites a lot more.  

Musson said the cost of gas for a government vehicle is a few cents cheaper, but it is still having an overall effect on the Richland City budget. He said city officials are looking into using hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles in the future.