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Neighbors Stunned after Two Men Dead in What Police Say is Murder-Suicide

YAKIMA, Wa -  Neighbors are grief stricken tonight.  Many were still in shock when KNDO was at the scene this morning.

One girl who lives just two doors down from Chris Colepaugh and Dave McDonald says she doesn't understand how something like this could've happened.

"It's just numbing.  It's shocking," says Stacy Kilpatrick, a neighbor. 

Kilpatrick lives just two doors down from where shooting happened.  She says she never heard any gun shots last night.  Other neighbors who talked to KNDO off camera say the same thing.

"You cry and then you stop and think it can't be real," says Kilpatrick.

Neighbors say they all liked Chris Colepaugh and David McDonald.  They lived together in this house for about three years and worked together at the Dominoes in West Valley.

Stacy says she did not know Chris all that well, but David was very friendly.  "Easy going, loved life, brilliant guy," she says.

David was an aspiring musician.  He gave Stacy a cd he made with his band.  On the cd's jacket, David thanks his family, his girlfriend and his two year old son.

"Who could kill a guy like Dave, someone who brightens people's day and is always happy.  I didn't know how anybody could do something like that."

One of David McDonald's friends spoke to KNDO off camera.  He remembers David telling him that Chris had bought a gun several months ago.  David said Chris told him it was for self-defense. 

David's friend also said there were problems between them that were basically roommate tensions.  Police have confirmed that there were problems between the two roommates.