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Take Care of Your Pets in the Heat

PASCO, Wash - A dog is dead tonight, caused by heat exhaustion.

Animal Control says it's the first of the year in the Tri-Cities.

With temperatures in the triple digits, they want people to take extra care of their pets.

They say do not leave your pets inside a car.

Even with the windows slightly open, the temperatures can rise 35 to 50 degrees in just ten minutes.

They prefer you keep your pets indoors with air conditioning, but if they need to stay outside, make sure their is plenty of shade and water for them to drink.

"Give them a sprinkler if they want to run through the sprinkler or jump into a small kids swimming pool.  Give them something that they can jump into.  Have the swimming pool so it's not out in the hot sun," says Bruce Young with Tri-City Animal Control.

Also, make sure your pet's water bowl is stable so they can't knock it over.

If your pet is overcome with heat exhaustion, immediately immerse or spray the animal with cool water and give it cool water to drink.

Consult with a veterinarian to see if any further treatment is needed.