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Asparagus Bookkeeper Sentenced

PASCO, Wash. - The asparagus bookkeeper convicted of stealing more than $200,000 heard her sentence Tuesday.

Besides spending nearly two years in prison, she's also required to pay back the money she stole, but her former boss doesn't plan on seeing green any time soon.

Over the course of two and a half years Jennifer Watkins stole $242,482.45 from Alan Schreiber's businesses: the Agriculture Development Group, and the Washington Asparagus Commission.

As the bookkeeper she had easy access to company accounts, but now as a convicted felon Schreiber fears she won't make enough money to repay the debt.

"I think that she will have a minimal amount of disposable income to pay (me) back," said Schreiber. 

"I would be lucky to get $50 to $100 a month, which won't pay the interest let alone the principle."

But the Franklin County Clerk said just because Watkins' payments may be small doesn't mean she or anyone else who owes the court money will get off easy. Clerks anticipate by the end of the year if people don't make their payments they'll have the power to kill your credit.

"So if they were even to get a cell phone or go to Sears and get a credit card they would have to satisfy those judgements first. We can also garnish their wages as well," said Franklin County Clerk Michael Killian. 

If that doesn't prompt people to complete their court order, the court has other motivators.

"We do send out letters to these individuals and it they don't respond to them, we will issue a warrant and then they'll go back to jail," said Killian.   

Jennifer Watkins will begin her sentence this week at the Purdy Women's Correctional Facility near Tacoma.