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Tri-Cities man uses gun he bought here to shoot up Jewish Center in Seattle

PASCO, Washington. -  Seattle Police said guns bought in the Tri-Cities were used to shoot five women and to kill one at the Jewish Federation Center in Seattle.

31-year-old Naveed Haq was arrested yesterday in connection with the shooting.  He was in a Seattle courtroom today and a judge found probable cause to hold him for murder and attempted murder.  

Haq is being held on 50 million dollars bail in King County.

Friends and family said they saw Haq at the Islamic Center in West Richland two weeks ago and said he seemed a little strange and out of sorts.

Seattle Police stress that Haq was working alone and do not think he was part of any terrorist group.  

Seattle Police, local authorities, and the FBI raided an apartment on 4th Street in Kennewick early this morning.  The apartment is known as one of a few places were Haq stayed.  Police also searched his parents home in Pasco.

Police said they recovered evidence and report that they have found information on his computer showing that he was searching for Jewish centers in the Seattle area.

Police report that no explosives were found.

Imran Ullah has known the suspect since childhood.  He said Haq was a normal kid who played sports, listened country music and read a lot.

Ullah said, "There's not very many Muslim families in the Tri-Cities so he's part of the community and we became friends that way."

Imran Ullah lives in Seattle and works close to where the shooting occurred.  He could not believe the man being arrested was his childhood friend.

Ullah said, "As the events unfolded it was a shock to realize it was someone you grew up and knew."

Family friends of the suspect said as an adult he was a loner and did not have many friends. Police said he has had a long history of mental illness.

The Islamic Community in the Tri-Cities said they are devastated.

Imran's father, Muhammad Ullah is a senior member of the congregation and a close family friend to the suspect.  He said, "No words can describe the evils that have happened in Seattle and we as a community are very upset and horrified by what has happened."

Muhammad Ullah said he bailed Haq out of jail back in March after being arrested for exposing himself at the Columbia Center Mall but never imagined anything like this.

Muhammad Ullah said, "There's no easy answer to explain why, to take the innocent lives and the tragic event that has happened."

Family friends said Haq's parents were concerned for his well being and believe they sought professional help for him and said no one in the congregation is associated with the violence that occurred in Seattle.

Members of the Islamic Center said his parents are absolutely devastated.  Police statewide are continuing their investigation.