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Hazardous Items In The Water

WAPATO, Wash.,- Swimming in a pond can be just as fun as swimming in a pool; the only difference is, some ponds have certain hazards that can make your swimming experience a deadly one if you are not careful.

Sergeant Mike Hanratty, of the Yakima Sheriff Marine Patrol Unit said the dangers that lie in a pond are items that tangle swimmers in the water.

"People use them for a dumping ground; sometimes there can be anything from tires to washer machines, all types of debris in there," said Hanratty.

According to Hanratty, the best thing to do, if you are going to swim in a pond, is to go to waters that are safe.

He said the safe water areas tend to have a lot of people around and little alcohol activity.

But if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, tangled between debris in the water; Hanratty said to flag for help.

"Flag for help and let somebody on the shore know that you need help and see if somebody could throw something to you," said Hanratty.