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Wapato Family Says Someone is Killing Exotic Animals on Their Farm

WAPATO, Wa -   A Wapato family says someone has been killing emus and several other animals on their farm.  The family called KDNO today after another emu was killed last night.  A car came to a stop on Ashue Road and someone fired one shot - hitting the emu in the neck. 

Bonnie Wibberding says she's still in shock.  Her family had just finished dinner when they heard the gun shot. "We came outside and we had a dead emu," Bonnie says.

It's the second time in a month that an emu has been shot and killed on the Wibberding's property.  A sheep has also been murdered recently.

"These animals are our pets, but also a neighborhood petting zoo.  We have grandmas and mothers that bring their kids by," Bonnie says. 

Bonnie and her husband have several exotic animals on their small farm, but they don't actually own the emus.  Those belong to their neighbor Gayle Krueger.

"I'm not an animal fanatic.  Just an animal lover," he says.

Gayle also raises exotic farm animals on his farm.  He asked the Wibberdings to keep his emus because he was afraid they might fight with his pet ostriches.  He never thought someone might shoot them for kicks.

"My first guess, they were daring somebody to do it," says Gayle, "Betting they couldn't hit it."

Gayle says he's not sure if he'll move the emus back to his farm.  Bonnie has bigger concerns, "Next time it might not be an animal.  It could be a person."

Sheriff deputies tell us that right now they don't have any leads.  There's no witness and not much evidence for them to work with.