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SEAFAIR SUNDAY: Jean Theoret repeats as Seafair Champion

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COURTESY KIRO-TV:  U-21 catches fire COURTESY KIRO-TV: U-21 catches fire
UL-56 flips on Friday UL-56 flips on Friday

SEATTLE, Wash. - A flip on Friday, a fire on Sunday, and some great deck-to-deck racing... it's Seafair in Seattle. 


1.  U-37 Jean Theoret
2.  U-6 Steve David
3.  U-1 Dave Villwock
4.  U-7 Mike Allen
5.  U-5 Jeff Bernard
6.  U-10 J.W. Myers (one lap penalty)
DNF.  U-3 Jimmy King

U-10 & J.W. Myers crossed the finish line second, but after reviewing the situation, was assessed a one lap penalty for coming too close to another boat outside his lane,w hich dropped him to 6th place.

"The team is awesome," said Seafair Champion and U-37 driver, Jean Theoret.  "They gave me an outstanding machine."  Team owner Billy Schumacher, who also won in Seattle as a driver, said "I saw Jean get into the boat with a smile on his face and now I know what he meant."

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Unlimited Lights Finals
Michael Flaherty in the UL-72 Miss Boat Electric held off Al Carestensen and Greg Hopp to win the lights final.
Complete Results


HEAT 2A Results:
1. U-3 Jimmy King
2. U-7 Mike Allen
3. U-9 Chris Bertram
4. U-10 J.W. Myers 
5. U-100 Greg Hopp
6. U-13 J. Michael Kelly


"I think we've got something for them this afternoon," said Jimmy King, driver of the U-3 piston powered boat, winner of Heat 2A. 

HEAT 2B Results:

1.  U-37 Jean Theoret
2.  U-1 Dave Villwock
3.  U-6 Steve David
4.  U-99 Terry Troxell
5.  U-5 Jeff Bernard
6.  U-2.25 Ken Muscatel
DNF  U-21 Kevin Aylesworth


Theoret led start-to-finish.  The U-21 caught fire at the end of the race.  Driver Kevin Aylesworth had to go into the water to avoid the fire.  "The motor made a loud pop," said Aylesworth, "and then it caught." 


HEAT 3A Results:

1.  U-10 J.W. Myers
2.  U-6 Steve David
3.  U-100 Greg Hopp 
4.  U-37 Jean Theoret
5.  U-2.25 Ken Muscatel
6.  U-13 J. Michael Kelly


Coming into this weekend, Steve David was the National High Points leader and he added to that total with this solid showing in Heat 3A. 

David had been declared the winner when J.W. Myers was assessed a one-lap penalty.  After review, the penalty was rescinded and the U-10 was declared the winner.

HEAT 3B Results:
1.  U-1  Dave Villwock
2.  U-7  Mike Allen
3.  U-3  Jimmy KIng
4.  U-5  Jeff Bernard
5.  U-9  Chris Bertram
DNF.  U-99 Terry Troxell


Going into Heat 3B, Dave Villwock was in an unusual situation for the Elam team - win or go home.  Villwock needed the points to have a shot at getting into the finals.  "We had to do a good job to get up into the finals," he said.  "It's very competitive."

"It's been a tough day," said Villwock.  "We've had to fight for everything.

Winner will compete in finals

1.  U-5 Jeff Bernard
2.  U-9 Chris Bertram
3.  U-2.25 Ken Muscatel
DNS.  U-100 Greg Hopp
DNS.  U-13 J. Michael Kelly
DNS.  U-99 Terry Troxell


Jeff Bernard, U-5 driver, said "we've been struggling all day."  The U-5 had a rudder problem, but it's been fixed.  "We're in the final!" said Bernard.


HEAT 1A Results:

1.  U-37 Jean Theoret
2.  U-7 Mike Allen
3.  U-3 Jimmy King
4.  U-100 Greg Hopp
5.  U-13, J. Michael Kelly (started as trailer)
6.  U-21 Kevin Aylesworth
7.  U-9 Chris Bertram

An odd start to the race with a number of boats hitting the timing mark early and having to slow up dramatically in order to get to the starting line on-time.  Not Theoret in the U-37 who had stayed back and then roared past the field to grab the inside lane and held it to victory. 

After the race, Theoret said:  "The water's really choppy."  Greg Hopp, U-100 driver, said "Theoret really nailed that start."  Team owner Billy Schumacher said of Theoret, "Couldn't have done it better myself."

HEAT 1B Results:
1. U-10 JW Myers
2. U-6 Steve David
3. U-5 Jeff Bernard
4. U-99 Terry Troxell
5. U-2.25 Ken Muscatel
6. U-1 Dave Villwock

A great race as Steve David and J.W. Myers battled down to the final seconds with Myers barely pulling ahead at the finish line.  Dave Villwock's U-1 Elam washed out in lap one and the fire on the boat went out.  Villwock managed to get it re-started, but not before nearly getting crunched by Myers, who came within inches of the U-1. 

"I could barely tell I beat him," said Myers talking about beating Steve David and the U-6 across the finish line; "he was running everything he had."  David said Myers waved at him before the race.  "J.W.'s an outstanding driver," said David.

Six boats in total have hosted qualifying times in excess of 150mph.  On Saturday, the U-7 bettered its time with a 153.201.  The U-10 was right behind with a 153.035 and the U-3 with a 152.775 topped the U-37's speed from Friday.

Official Qualifying Times

Dave Villwock, Mike Allen, and Jean Theoret turned the fastest laps in the morning qualifying sessions.  Villwock and the U-1 Elam led the pack with a time of 157.48.  Mike Allen and the U-7 was right behind with 152.033.

Official Qualifying Times

Here's the line-up with the driver changes for the U-5 & U-99 announced this week.

  • U-1 Ellstrom Elam Plus driven by Dave Villwock
  • U-2.25 Graham Trucking driven by Ken Muscatel
  • U-3 Acura of Seattle driven by Jimmy King
  • U-5 driven Jeff Bernard 
  • U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto driven by Steve David
  • U-7 II driven by Mike Allen
  • U-9 Car Pros driven by Chris Bertram
  • U-10 Todd Hoss presents Fairweather driven by J.W. Myers
  • U-13 Acura of Bellevue driven by J. Michel Kelly
  • U-21 Lucky U21 driven by Kevin Aylesworth
  • U-37 Miss Beacon Pluming driven by Jean Theoret
  • U-99  Miss Lakeridge Paving driven by Terry Troxell
  • U-100 Todd Hoss American Dream driven by Greg Hopp