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A number of recent fires has firefighters working hard

KENNEWICK, Wash. - It is the peak season for natural cover fires and firefighters are feeling the effects.

They said fireworks, arson and careless behavior have made them extra busy in this dry weather.

Firefighters all over the Tri-Cities have been busy these last few weeks.  They said the heavy rains we saw this spring have made more growth throughout the land.

Kennewick Fire Department Battalion Chief Vince Beasley said, "With growth there's more fuel load which is going to create more fire conditions."

Flames were seen yesterday at Zintel Canyon in Kennewick.  Firefighters report there was lots of vegetation burned.  There is no official cause but fireworks, which are illegal in this city, were found as firefighters tried to get the flames under control.

Eric Wakefield has been with the Kennewick Fire Department for 14 years.  He said, "You could squirt all the water in the world an it's not going to put the fire out down there.  You have to get in their with shovels and equipment and rip it all up."

Unless mother nature is involved firefighters said most fires are preventable.  Wakefield said, "A lot of it is common sense.  If it's windy out maybe I shouldn't be burning weeds.  If I am burning maybe I should have a hose there so I can put the fire out."

Over the last few weeks they have seen a little bit of everything.  Wakefield said, "Smoking cigarettes, burning weeds in the backyard, you name it and the fire get going and we're called."

The fire chief encourages everyone to pay more attention to what they are doing.