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Posting Racist Fliers is Not a Crime

RICHLAND, Wash.- A usually quiet Richland neighborhood recently woke to find racist flyers posted on the sidewalks, and now they're wondering why police can't do anything about it.

Residents of the neighborhood look out for each other, and after racist flyers were passed out Sunday night, they called police to find that passing out the papers is not a crime.

Richland Police Captain Randy Barnes said because there is no apparent target for the messages and no threats, there's nothing they can do. 

Everyone in the neighborhood that could be contacted thinks the fliers are inappropriate, some think because it's not threatening, it's just an issue of freedom of speech.

Neighbor Melissa Reddout thinks that as long as no one is threatened, it's just someone expressing their freedom of speech.

While police say the fliers are the legal equivalent of campaign signs, many residents want to see a change. 

Lost child headlines originally had people fooled, but after realizing what they were, they were quickly picked up to avoid giving the culprits anymore publicity.

Police say if it continues, and they can find whoever is being targeted, or if any threats are made, harassment charges could be filed.