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Physical Effects Of Meth Use

KENNEWICK, Wash - We often report on the criminal aspects of Methamphetamine addiction.  However, there are several ways that the drug impacts the physical well being of the user. 

"Being up for like four to five days, your eyes, they'd just be like so dark, eyes so sunken in and you try to cover up with make up and you're in such a delusion, you think you look okay," said Christine Palmer, who has been clean for two years.

She went from 155 pounds when she gave birth to her son, to 90 pounds three months later when she was back on meth.

Many addicts get deep, red sores all over their bodies and faces, said Richland Police Detective, John Hansens.

"Actually there is an irritation to the nerves in the skin, so the people pick at their faces," Hansens said.

It's the mixture of ingredients like red devil lye, acetone, paint thinner and heet, that even alone can be deadly, Hansens said. 

People can also damage their teeth and gums beyond repair, he said.


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