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Neighbors in Richland Apartment complex concerned about recent crimes

RICHLAND, Wash. - A number of recent burglaries in Richland has residents concerned.

Police said there has been a number of break-ins in the past few days plus a paperboy was approached by a man asking for sexual favors in the same area.

Neighbors said there has been problems in a number of apartments near 200 Waldron Street in Richland.  Break-in and a man asked a 14 year-old paper boy for sexual favors.

The teen got away and police have a suspect but the victims mother is horrified.

Angela Pentecost said, "It makes you feel helpless.  Imagine your kid trying to back pedal out of somebody approaching you that way. I  think I'm more traumatized than my son."

She said her son's friend, who is also a paper boy, was attacked last week by a group that stole his ipod.

Pentecost said many of the burglaries are happening as the victims are sleeping in their apartments.  She said, "you feel terrorized living here. It feels like somebody close is watching to see who's home and who's not home."

Donald Thompson's been living here for years.  He used to leave his door unlocked while he sat with neighbors but not any more.  He said, "I'm annoyed by all of these burglarizes."

neighbors said they have seen extra patrols working the area and police are investigating a number of leads in the break-ins.

Anyone with information on the break-ins is ask to contact police.  The case involving the man and the paper-boy has been passed along to the Benton County Prosecutor's Office to see is possible charges can be filed.