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Dog Park Planned in Richland

RICHLAND, Wash.- Plans for a dog park in Richland were proposed more than a year ago, but quickly died. Now, they're alive once again.

Plans are being finalized for a 15-acre park within Columbia Park, and now new ones are in the works for a satellite location in Richland. The idea arose after many dog owners said the kennewick park won't suit their needs.

"Most people want to see a dog park in their immediate area. So while it would be wonderful to have one in Kennewick, Richland residents still would like to see one in their own community," said Audrey Ulrich, President of the Tri-City Dog Park Society. 

There's no location for the park yet, the main reason the idea died last year, and though they're not opposed to the idea, officials in Richland aren't jumping to build anything until the park in Kennewick is done.

"It'd be nice to get that one done, see how it works, see if there's any improvements we can make on the next one when the next one's needed, and see, yeah, kind of what the need is," said Phil Pinard, Planning and Capital Projects Manager for Richland Parks and Recreation.

Though the park would be on city land, it wouldn't cost taxpayers anything because the city would simply provide the land, the society would have to pay for any development, and once they do, they say it will be a valuable addition to the area.

"People are moving here from Portland, Seattle, California, and they move here and they love the area, but they're surprised that there's no dog park here because we have such a wonderful park system throughout the Mid-Columbia, and a lot of wonderful amenities, and it only seems logical that a dog park would be added to our parks system," said Ulrich. 

Though the location is still up in the air, officials said it will have to be in an underdeveloped area to deal with all the expected noise.

The society is also looking to build something in Pasco, but said finances aren't in order to get that park going yet.