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Vandals continue to remove drainage lids Kennewick

KENNEWICK, Wash. - It is a problem that is costing tax payers in Kennewick, someone keeps taking the lids off storm drains located in the streets. 

There are over 5 thousand storm drains throughout the city.

Waste water management said it is a problem of both saftey and costs.

Over the past three weeks, drainage lids which are also known as catch basin covers, have been vandalized all over the city of Kennewick.

In one week, eight were removed on Gage Blvd, nine were removed on Columbia Center Blvd. another week and additional random cases are being reported throughout the city.

The vandals are dropping the lids down three feet deep sewage holes.  Police said open holes are dangerous for drivers, bikers and even pets.

It is also costing tax payers money to fix.  The lids weighing 60 pounds each.

Waste Water Field Supervisor, Pat Everham said, "If one of them pops out it could be an incident that a car that just happened to catch it and pop it up that happens once in a blue moon, but in this incident it's obvious that someone popped them out and dropped them in there."

Call police or city hall if you see people moving the lids.