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Sheriffs Bust Pot Grow in Benton County

KENNEWICK, Wash. - Benton County Sheriff's Detectives said finding and getting rid of pot plants goes hand in hand with meth eradication.  They said even if you have never used the drugs, they both affect you.

Just this week, detectives pulled out almost 3,200 pot plants.  They were found in a corn field at an opportune time, according to detectives.

It's just the start of the marijuana eradication season as many pot plants are harvested in the fall.  But to detectives, many of the drugs are connected.  They said in the big scheme of things, getting rid of marijuana also helps in the fight against one of the most popular drugs, meth.

Stephen Miller said his eyes were opened to the wide spread availability of meth once his daughter became addicted.  He hopes more time and effort can be spent figting the drug.

Although there is a decline in the number of local meth labs, the drug still has an impact on every day citizens who have never used drugs.

Detective Doug Stanley said meth users continue to use identity theft, burglary, and robbeires as a mean to get monety to buy thier drug.