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Farmer Finds Human Skull

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ADAMS COUNTY, Wash. - A farmer finds a human skull in a field near Connell. Some people speculate the bones may be linked to the search for Sophia Juarez, the girl who went missing in Kennewick in 2003.

You can still see the missing person posters plastered around town. Many people want to know what happened to Sophia. Now that someone found human bones only an hour away, it raises the question - Could it be her?

"Oh it's a ways out there where it was," said farmer Arnold Hudlow.   

Hudlow said Saturday, August 12th, he and two grandsons were picking up garbage in a field a short distance from his home. One grandson saw something on the ground, walked over and picked it up, but quickly learned it wasn't somebody's trash.

"We thought it was just a piece of plastic or something until he picked it up, brought up to the road, looked at it - it was a skull," Hudlow said.  

Hudlow immediately reported it to the Adams County Sheriffs Office. Search teams found additional bone pieces scattered through the field. But right now the sheriff said it's too early to tell if the bones belong to missing Sophia Juarez.

"We won't know until a forensic anthropologist can tell us whether the bones are ancient or modern. We can't determine age. We can't determine male or female. We can't determine ethnicity," said Sheriff Douglas Barger, Adams County Sheriff's Office.   

Hudlow said the skull was missing its lower jaw and teeth. And said he was definitely surprised when his grandsons brought it over.

"Oh certainly. It isn't often I pick up a skull in a field," said Hudlow.   

A few weeks ago the field was full of conservation grass, but a wild fire consumed the field. And Hudlow said that made it easy to spot the skull lying on the ground.

The Kennewick Police Department is aware of the skull discovery, but officers said they've never looked for Sophia in Adams County. And they never got any tips she was there either.