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Pastor Testifies in Trial

KENNEWICK, Wash. - The pastor accused of killing a teenage girl with his car took the stand Wednesday. For the first time, Pastor Randall Foos told jurors his side of the story.

"Your honor I'd like to call Reverend Randall Foos," said Defense Attorney Mason Pickett.

Previously during the trial doctors explained Foos suffers from Diabetic Retinopathy, which causes his visual acuity to fluctuate. But on the day of the accident, Foos said he doesn't remember struggling to see at all.

"Was there any problems with your vision whatsoever that day?" said Pickett. 

"My vision was probably... it was wonderful," said Foos.

Prosecutors accuse Foos of hitting and killing 19-year-old Sara Casey with his car on September 17th, 2003.  Prosecutors said he never should have been driving that day.

Foos said the images of the accident still haunt him and he hasn't gotten behind wheel since.

"Emotionally just sitting in the drivers seat really bothers me. I just couldn't. Those memories were still there," Foos said.

But Prosecutor Terry Bloor didn't believe Foos turned in his license because he couldn't handle the emotional aftermath. 

"It didn't have anything to do with, you never mentioned in your deposition that you were torn up about this collision. What you said is 'I couldn't pass the eye test so I gave up my license.' Correct?" said Bloor.

 "You're taking that out of context," said Foos.

"Okay fine. Let's read the deposition," said Bloor.

Bloor then read earlier statements Foos made about why he gave up his license, which included he couldn't pass an eye test.