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Jury Finds Pastor Guilty

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - Thursday, jurors in the trial of the Pastor accused of Vehicular Homicide found the defendant guilty. It only took jurors two hours to make the decision.

"We the jury find the Defendant Randall R. Foos, Guilty of the crime of Vehicular Homicide," said the Benton County Clerk.   

On September 17th, 2003, Foos hit and killed 19-year-old Sara Casey with his car.

Foos suffers from poor eyesight. Prosecutors said he shouldn't have been on the road. He had a restricted drivers license. But some jury members weren't comfortable with his aggressive pursuit to get a license.

"It appeared he lost his objectivity," said Juror #13.   

"He came across to me as very meticulous on maintaining his care for his Diabetes and blood sugar, but didn't seem to apply that same sort of intensity to his driving," said Juror #12, the Jury Foreman. 

Sara's family embraced when they heard the news, but her mother said the outcome doesn't change what happened.

"Nothing about it is good in my opinion. It was a tragedy that it happened. I think the justice system worked," said Lori Casey, Sara's Mother.    

Sara's friends said the verdict was overwhelming.

"A lot of emotion building up to this point and to actually hear the word guilty, there's some peace in that," said Megan Moody, Sara's friend. 

But Foos supporters were shocked.

"He'd always shown responsibility in his driving. I had given him a ride before," said Pam Mangan, a member of the Lutheran congregation.     

And Foos' Defense Attorney said it's not over yet.

"Obviously we're disappointed with the outcome and we intend to pursue an appeal," said Mason Pickett, Foos' Defense Attorney.  

While prosecutors understand the pain this conviction brings. They said Foos got a fair shake.

"This is all about a young woman who lost her life and we felt she lost it for no good reason, so we're satisfied with the way things turned out," said Benton Co. Deputy Prosecutor Terry Bloor. 

Foos faces up to 15 to 20 months in prison.