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Back to School: Getting Children to and from School Safely

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YAKIMA, Wa -  Now that the school year is starting up, parents and children are trying to get back into a regular routine.  One thing that they need to talk about...  how to get to and from school each day - safely.

Children play outside at Apple Valley Elementary School.  They're under constant supervision during the day, but what about in the morning on the way to school or on the way home.

"It's usually during patrol times that my mom will pick me up.  When I'm not on patrol, I ride the bus," says Leslie Irwin is a fifth grader, and a volunteer for the Student Patrol.

She wears a yellow vest and helps direct traffic so other students can cross the street safely after school.

"I'm sending home this handbook," says Karen Craig, Principal of Apple Valley Elementary.  In it is everything parents need to know to get their children ready for school.  There's a special section just on how to get children to and from school safely.  Craig says the key is communication...

"They (children) need to have a plan with mom and dad," says Craig, "I can get them to the bus.  The bus driver can get them home.  So, we have to work together as a team."

Craig says set basic rules like don't talk to strangers and always go directly home.  Let the school know who is supposed to pick up a child.

Leslie Irwin knows just how dangerous something as simple as going to from school can be.

"You realize you are doing a really big part and you're helping more people be really safe," she says.