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Car Flips on Highway 240

RICHLAND, Wash. - Today traffic was a mess on Highway 240 after a car flipped upside down and blocked traffic.

No one was seriously hurt.  Troopers said drinking was to blame. 

The driver of the car was arrested for a driving under the influence at nine o'clock this morning.

Washington State Trooper Brian Bond said, "Some of the clues we look for early morning DUI's are in a situation like this, strong order of intoxicates, blood shot watery eyes, slurred speech, flushed face."

Troopers said many drivers make the mistake of driving the morning after drinking alcohol. 

He said, "Quite a few hours that pass by and they think they are okay and a lot of time they're still intoxicated and still impaired."

Troopers said that impaired driver caused traffic heading eastbound to back up for a mile as the mess was cleaned up.

The 22 year-old man was taken to Kadlec hospital with minor injuries to his face.

Trooper said even though the man faces DUI charges, but he does have a lot to be thankful for because his seat belt probably saved his life.

Bond said, "If you decide to drink I just ask that you stay at home or have a designated driver call a friend just don't get behind the wheel. It's not worth injuring yourself or somebody else."

Two vehicles that were sitting in traffic got into a minor accident while authorities were cleaning up the car that flipped.  Troopers said it happens all the time, drivers looking at the wreck instead of keeping their eyes on the road.