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Man arrested for putting a secret camera inside a boom box

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. - A man was charged with voyeurism after police said he put a small camera in a boom box and gave it to a girl for her birthday and watched her for two years.

Employees at a local electronic store said technology is changing and increasing at such a fast pace that more and more people are getting these types of cameras for their personal use.      

Rick Nixon is a security specialist who has been working for Moon Security Services for 12 years.  He said, "You can hide them in vents and drop ceilings and walls and cover it up with a picture or something like that."

Nixon said, "Certainly the cameras are going to be more abused then the security system because you can hide them."

According to West Richland Police 44-year-old Scott Sohler hide a tiny camera inside the front of a boom box and gave it to a family friend for her 18-th birthday.  Police believe he watched her for two years through the hidden camera.

Nixon said, "It's like everything else.  If there's a device out there people are going to find a way to misuse it."

These types of cameras are easy to get and employees at Radio Shack said they sell them all the time. 

Police said it is difficult to detect illegal activity.

Nixon said, "You're not going to be able to outlaw them because they're always going to be available so basically you're relying on people to find them and report them.  So it does make it tough."