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Spokane Sports Television - Equipment List

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Grass Valley 3000, 64-input, 3-ME, Master E-MEM and P-buss
Abekas DVEous Dual Twin DVE
Omega 2-channel Fast Forward DVR w/ LANCE controller
Abekas A-53-D, 2-channel DVE w/Warp & combiner
Abekas A-42 dual channel Still Store
Chyron Infinit! with 68060 processor: 196 MB, Transform II, Bernoulli,
2Gb Jazz and Zip250 Video capture wdedicated input router
Di-Tech Video Router; 40 X 20 outputs w/ stereo audio breakaway,
virtual matrix
Yamaha PM-4000 56 input Audio Console
6 Channel EVS
2-DirectTV DSS Receivers
Fully integrated with Internet & printer access throughout:
10 wired ethernet ports & 802.11b wireless access.

4-Ikegami HK-366 CCD Studio Cameras
2-Canon 55x Lenses
2-Fujinon 55x Lenses
4-HK355-PA CCD Handheld Cameras
4-Fujinon 18x ENG Lenses
1-Fujinon 8.5x5.5 Wide-Angle ENG Lens (available upon request)
2-CCD LPS Cameras
2-Studio Configurations Kits for handhelds,
Vinten pan heads, tripods & dollies for Studio Cameras
Sachtler tripods & heads for Handhelds
Additional cameras available upon request

1-Sony DVW-500 Digital Betacam recorder/player
5-Sony BVW-75 Betacam SP recorder/players (more upon request)
5-DNF ST-300 Slo-Mo VTR controllers
Sony 20" Tape QC monitor with waveform & vectorscope
Master timecode generator
6 Channel EVS

Patchable Monitor wall with:
42-Sony 9î black & white monitors
4-Sony 9î color monitors
9-4î color TFT-LCD monitors
6-5" color LCD monitors
2-Ikegami 20" color programpreview monitors
Dedicated Producer ISO router
WaveformVectorscope at TD position

68060 processor
196 MB expanded memory
9 GB hard Drive
230 MB Bernouli Drive
Transform II
3 Extended Frame Buffers
Video capture w/dedicated input router
Intelligent interface
Software ver.13.0

Yamaha PM-4000 audio console: 48 mono, 4 stereo inputs 8 group outputs and stereo output
2-Digicart 2 whard disk, 150MB Bernoulli and Zip250, both with GPI trigger from switcher
1-DAT recorderplayer
3-Telephone interfaces (2 Telos Link, 1 Gentner Hybrid)
10-channels of limiting (3-DBX 1066 stereo, 4-DBX 160X mono)
4-QKT voice couplers
Complete Announce Booth Kit

Microphone Complement:
(2) 816
(5) 416
(2) ME-80ís
(3) ME-67ís
(7) Lav Microphones
(8)Hand-Held Microphones
(3) PZM's
(2) Big-Ear Parabs (available upon request)
(5) Sennheiser Announcer Headsets
(2) Mic Fishpoles w/ shock mounts

RTS ADAM-CS programmable intercom system
9-12 button key panels
10-dual channel user stations
8-assignable SAP channels
RTS belt packs
RTS 4000 12-channel IFB system
RTS IFB belt packs
3- Daltech talkback boxes
Shure FP-11 Mic to Line amps
Headset listen boxes
Motorola walkie-talkie's

10-Frame Synchronizers
Main & backup transmission proc amps
Redundant sync generators w/ genlock
1-ARRI Light Kit: 4-1K lights & stands
4-13" Color Field Monitors
6-9" Color Field Monitors