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Witness helps West Richland Police

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WEST RICHLAND, Wash. - A man keeping an eye on his neighborhood lead to the arrest of a couple accused of stealing mail from mailboxes.

Police believe the couple had been using victim's personal information to buy thousands of dollars worth of items.

The witness, John did not want his last name used, enjoys sitting on his front porch and looking at the open night sky, but one night he said he noticed something strange.

John said, "I saw them very meticulously stop and go and stop and go along this whole row of about 15 mailboxes by about the 3rd or 4th stop and go I thought it was time to check them out."

John got in his car and followed the two.  He wrote down their license plate number, where they were and what they looked like.

He said, "The thought that there might be some hazard did cross my mind but I was convinced that they might be doing something wrong."

Police said because of John's efforts, Rodney and Barbara Burns were arrested.  Police searched their house and said the have been opening credit cards with stolen information they got from the mailboxes.

West Richland Police Detective Theresa Morrell said, "I want to thank you the citizen for taking a few minutes of his time and checking into what was going on in his neighborhood."

Police said it has been going on in neighborhoods all over the area and there might be up to 100 victims.

John said, "It's something I hope every citizen would do."

West Richland Police said they are getting more and more people are coming forward saying they have been victimized and said stealing mail from mailboxes is a huge, growing problem nationwide.