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Animal Control Reopens Doors

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PASCO, Wash. - Tri-Cities Animal Control reopened Friday. Last week Animal Control's insurance carrier dropped the shelter from its policy. Until Friday workers were forced to close the doors.

Animal Control doesn't know exactly why the carrier bumped them off the policy. But workers anticipate it had a lot to do with $15,000 the carrier paid for the shelter's lawsuits .

That left puppies who need treatment, and strays without a home on the back burner.

The shelter had until Friday to hash out a new deal or else the Tri-Cities would start shopping for a new shelter. Fortunately, Friday, just after lunch Animal Control worked out a new policy good for one year, worth one million dollars. It cost animal control roughly three times as much as its old policy.

Although workers would've liked to avoid the hassle they said they're glad to be back in business.

"It's a huge weight off my shoulders. I appreciate it getting taken care of. I wished it could've been done a week ago, or two weeks ago. I'm sorry to put the community in this predicament where we didn't have coverage for that time," said Bruce Young, Tri-Cities Animal Control.    

Young said the new policy will also cover the shelter against new lawsuits.

Employees can now respond to calls. The shelter will remain open Friday until 6 p.m.