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Retired Ref Defends Super Bowl Calls

YAKIMA, Wash. - Jim Tunney worked the sidelines for 31 years in the NFL. He helped officiate three Super Bowls. So, when it came to offering up an opinion on the officiating in Super Bowl XL, Tunney spoke from experience.

Tunney told KNDO, he felt the officials made the right calls for the most part. He said he would have whistled Darrell Jackson's "push-off" in the end zone for pass interference (as did the game's referees). The only call, Tunney had some issue with was a low block call. But Tunney did say, that was a split second call for the referee, and the official who made the call had no help.

Tunney said he called more than 500 NFL games, and coaches have to take the good and bad.

"It happens, I've called over 500 NFL games, now and then they will say you got robbed, but it balances out in the end."

Tunney's in Yakima to speak at a Special Olympic Fundraiser Thursday morning at the Yakima Convention Center.