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Richland Public Library Vandalized

RICHLAND, Wash. - Vandals tear apart the Richland Public Library over the weekend. Citizens are stunned. And now librarians are cleaning up the mess.

Sunday morning librarians walked in on a quite a sight. Fire extinguishers sprayed out all over the floor and library check outs, broken glass in the break room, and machines tipped over and ripped open.

"The two coin boxes that are attached to the photo copiers were totally destroyed and the money removed," said Richland Library Manager Ann Roseberry. 

The library closed so workers could clean up. People ready to read or return books peeped through the window and couldn't believe their eyes.

"I think it's terrible I don't know why anyone would choose the library to vandalize it's there as a service to everyone in the community," said library patron Jennifer Moore. 

"I can't imagine they would've had anything to significantly of value to steal or anything that they'd make a lot of money for breaking into. It's just destructive and pointless," said Adam Brault, library patron. 

Today, only a little light dusting and vacuuming is left. And workers said cleaning has helped them cope, but this weekend has been an emotional roller coaster.

"Now that we're here doing something and we're getting the library back in order we're not quite so off balance emotionally, although I have several times this morning come around the corner and found a staff member weeping," said Roseberry.    

Workers anticipate they'll finish cleaning Monday and be ready to open Tuesday.

Police are looking for any leads in this case. If you have information officers encourage you to call Richland Police.