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Online Gambling Restriction

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PASCO, Wash. - Congress reports that they are cracking down on Internet gambling. 

According to the Washington State Gambling Commission gambling online is not allowed and difficult to track.

Terry Banta is a recovering gambling addict.  He said, "It's so much more easier to much more relaxing to be in your own home and just play a game with a computer.  Even with solitaire that's on every standard computer that's terribly addicting."

Banta has not gambled in a month.  For years he spent hours upon hours in local casinos spending tens of thousands of dollars.

 Despite his troubles he thinks people should be allowed to gamble online.  He said,"I think it's good intentions, but the wrong way to do it."

Congressional Republicans have pushed through legislation cracking down on Internet gambling.  The law prohibits gamblers from using credit cards, checks and electronic fund transfers to settle online wagers.

Joe Costanzo said, "If a person wants to spend money gambling its up to them."

Costanzo gambles online but not for actual money, just points. 

The Washington State Gambling Commission said it is illegal in the state and across the country but it is allowed in many countries across the globe making it difficult to control over the web.

Despite the laws many people in this country do gamble online without getting into trouble. 

The gambling commission states that it is risky because there is not enough regulations and said it creates an uncontrolled environment where people can loose large amounts of money.