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Richland Same Sex Classes

RICHLAND, Wash. - All-boy classes and all-girl classes. It's an idea the Bush Administration is hoping more school districts will try. The White House is lifting restrictions preventing boys and girls from being taught separately.

Students have a lot to learn when they show up for class. In Richland some feel separating boys and girls into different classes, is taking some of the pressure off.

At River's Edge Middle School the 8th grade boys and girls learn in separate classes. Administrators said students are learning in a way they couldn't get in bigger, mixed gender classes.

"Kids who maybe have not had success before, and it's been a little bit overwhelming in a big school setting, I think they've found a nitch," said Principal Doug Gall, River's Edge Middle/High School.     

The Kennewick School District talked about the idea, and last year Pasco High School experimented with an all-girls algebra class. For River's Edge it's now their third year splitting up the sexes.

As different as boys and girls are, so are their opinions about their learning experience.

"I'm comfortable with everything, but its just easier to talk with the guys cuz their all wearing the same thing and they just know what your talking about, when girls don't.  It's just easier," said Zebadiah Hindman, 8th Grader.  

"I'd actually like to have the boys come over here and learn with us, but um, it's distracting. But I guess that's why I want to do it, because its more fun," said Liz Kingsbury, 8th Grader.    

However students agree they really like the small classroom setting and feel sticking with same sex helps them focus on learning.

"At this age group there are so many social changes going on for the students and sometimes when you have the opposite sex in the room there are a lot of other dynamics that come into play," said Jackie Cable, River's Edge Girl's Program Instructor.    

River's Edge tells KNDU as long as they continue to see good results, they plan to keep the program around.