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West Richland Crosswalk Violations

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. Crossing the street can sometimes be a challenge when drivers don't stop for pedestrians... West richland police say it's a **big** problem and you might be shocked by the number of violators. T's as easy as crossing the road.... I was with the west richland police early today for an undercover operation. Police monitored the number of people that violated crosswalk rules. Out of 80 cars that went by 33 broke the law. If you've driven in west richland you might have seen stacy ryan. {nat sound} she works at the west richland police department... But today she was an undercover walker. [take sot duration:0:10] {***sot full***} <i think a truck went by me kind of fast when i got out of his lane of travel but not out of the crosswalk.> [cg :name-title-index\stacy ryan\undercover walker\drivers violating crosswalk ] [cg :index line\drivers violating crosswalk] [take sot duration:0:09] {***sot full***} <right as soon as she puts her foot in the crosswalk she's asserted her right of way> [take vo] {***vo***} west richland police stationed themselves near the intersection of 38th and van geisen to record the number of violators. {nat sound} angela hahn uses this crosswalk at least once or twice a day... And says many drivers just don't stop. [take sot duration:0:03] {***sot full***} <it upsets me. It really upsets me> [cg :name-title-index\angela hahn\pedestrian\drivers violating crosswalk] [cg :index line\drivers violating crosswalk] {nat sound} [take sot duration:0:10] {***sot full***} <they can get their faster than you can while your walking and they are driving.... I feel like my safety is in danger.> [take vo] {***vo***} {nat sound--bingo... Bad blow by that needs a ticket} west richland police say it's more about educating people rather than giving tickets... But one driver did get slapped with a 101 dollar fine. [take sot duration:0:10] {***sot full***} <she was just stepping out of his lane when he went through as he drove by and that's just to close and so there was not going to be any warns for that.> [cg :name-title-index\sgt. Scott bravo\west richland police department\drivers violating crosswalk] [cg :index line\drivers violating crosswalk]