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West Richland Crosswalk Violations

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WEST RICHLAND, Wash. - Police said crossing the street can sometimes be a challenge when drivers do not stop for pedestrians.

West Richland Police said it is a big problem and monitored the number of drivers that violated the crosswalk rules for about one hour Thursday afternoon.

Police found that out of 80 vehicles that went by 33 broke the law.

Stacy Ryan works at the West Richland Police Department and Thursday she worked as an undercover walker.  She said, "I think a truck went by me kind of fast when I got out of his lane of travel but not out of the crosswalk."

Police said as soon as the person in the crosswalk puts their foot in the crosswalk they have asserted their right of way.

West Richland police stationed themselves near the intersection of 38th and Van Geisen to record the number of violators.

Angela Hahn uses the crosswalk at least once or twice a day and said many drivers do not stop for her.  She said, "It upsets me. It really upsets me... they can get there faster than you can while your walking and they are driving.... I feel like my safety is in danger."

West Richland Police said they want to educate people about the dangers of violating the crosswalk rules.

Police said once a pedestrian has their foot in the crosswalk they have the right of way if the driver can stop at a reasonable and safe distance.  Police said drivers must wait for the pedestrian to reach the other side of the road before driving away.

Police said the vehicle does not have to be going that fast for it to turn into a fatal accident.