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Pasco Panhandler made good money

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PASCO, Wash. - Police arrested a transient for trespassing who said he made 140 dollars in two hours of panhandling.

Steven Reamer told police he made the money in two hours by begging people on the street for handouts.

Police said many panhandlers buy alcohol or illegal drugs with the money and add it is usually not going to a good cause.

Authorities said people might be shocked to learn how much one panhandler made in just one hour of begging.

Pasco Police Officer Joe Nunez said, "At least 70 dollars an hour that's more than I make and that's more than most people make in our society and that's just by begging for it."

Reamer was arrested for trespassing and had three warrants out for the same crime.

Police said even though not everyone uses the money made while begging for a bad cause, it may be better to give the money to charities that distribute goods to the homeless.