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Three Area Schools Enter Unusual Tie-breaker

SUNNYSIDE, Wash. - On Tuesday night, three teams will play one game, to determine two playoff qualifiers from the CBL 3A. Got it?

Because West Valley, Southridge, and Kennewick, are tied for second and only two playoff spots remain, a Kansas City tiebreaker will be held at Sunnyside High Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. To setermine which two will join Kamiakin in the playoffs this weekend. Here's how it will work:

Round-Robin Format:

By way of a draw, Kennewick has a bye, meaning Southridge and West valley will play first. the winner of that game will play kennewick. if the winner game one beats kennewick in game two, than that team is in, and kennewick plays the loser of game one for the second spot.

is kennewick wins the second game, than kennewick and the game one winner are the two teams in the playoffs.


It's the college overtime format. Each team gets the ball at the opponent's 25 and has to move the ball. First downs are allowed. Just like in college, once both teams have had a possession, the team that scores more points in their possesion wins. If it's a tie, they'll alternate possessions until there is a winner.

The last time a Kansas City tie-breaker was used was 1989, which included Kamiakin, Walla Walla, and Kennewick. Ron Childs played for the Braves back then. As far as this year's participants, they know they're up for something special.

"You've got people that have lived here forever that maybe have seen it before, but I've never seen it before in this type of deal where three teams are doing it to get in the playoffs," said Southridge senior Jason Munns. "It's definitely unusual and us going to Sunnyside and meting there just adds to it."