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Washington State Patrol Looking for Halloween Drunk Drivers

KENNEWICK, Wash.- With thousands of kids on the roads for Halloween, the Washington State Patrol is on the lookout for drunk drivers.

WSP said people will be partying, combine that with kids on the sidewalk, and the danger increases greatly.

They said they'll be looking for people coming home from parties on the road.

Though there's usually not as much of a DUI increase as on New Years or Fourth of July, it's still not your average Tuesday night; people go out and party, then they get on the road, and there's thousands kids out in their costumes.

"There's going to be all kinds of ankle biters running around the roads and on the streets, and knocking on doors and wearing dark costumes, and blending in with the bushes and things cause they're all dressed up. You're not, you know, something your eyes don't normally pick up on," said Sgt. Zach Elmore with Washington State Patrol.

Elmore said if you decide to drink make sure to use a designated driver. The best thing they encounter on these nights is a group of people using a designated driver.