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Pastor Receives Prison Sentence

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - The pastor convicted of vehicular homicide received his prison sentence Wednesday, but he's still a free man.

In court you could barely find a place to stand. Many of Pastor Randall Foos' supporters turned out and pleaded with the judge to keep him out prison, while the family of the victim Sara Casey urged the judge to impose the maximum sentence.

Pastor Foos has waited two months to find out how long he'll spend in prison. Jurors convicted foos of hitting and killing 19-year-old Sara Casey with his car in September, 2003.

Wednesday Sara's family and friends encouraged the judge to consider the deep void left by her death.

"Her voice was taken out of this world. She can no longer be a big sister and give advice to my little brother. Now, I'm all he has," said Erin Casey, Sara's Sister.   

Sara's Father said after listening to Foos in trial, he said he's come to only two conclusions.

"Either he saw Sara and hit her anyway, or he's lying. A pastor who lies, a pastor who lies... now there's an irreconcilable dichotomy," said Terrance Casey, Sara's Father. 

Foos' wife begged the court to keep him out of prison.

"It will not send just one person to jail. It will be breaking a family apart," said Barbara Foos.   

And Foos told the Caseys how sorry he is about this whole experience.

"I really do care for you guys. I pray for you every day.  I wish this whole thing would be over. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers," said Foos.    

The judge decided to give Foos the minimum sentence, 15 months in prison.

But Foos' attorney immediately exercised Foos' right to appeal, claiming the trial lacked the evidence needed to convict his client.

"It's none the less insufficient to prove that he disregarded the safety of others. That's our #1 issue on appeal," said Mason Pickett, Foos Defense Attorney.   

And the Caseys weren't surprised.

"We understand that's part of the process. This is the day we're relieved to have over with," said Lori Casey, Sara's Mother.

Foos will only serve his sentence pending the outcome of the appeal. Lawyers think that may take up to two years.