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Richland Police High Speed Chase Training

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RICHLAND, Wash. - Police said a high speed chase can pose a significant threat to other drivers on the road. In Richland, officers get trained to do it right.

There's a lot more that goes into a high speed chase than "Get the bad guy". Officers need to account for unexpected obstacles, weather conditions, whatever it is - Richland wants its officers to handle it safely.

Officers have to drive around a lot of obstacles at high speeds. In training, police can hone their skills without worrying about injuring innocent bystanders.

"This gives us an opportunity to see how fast we can push the limits, when to back off, slow down, and drive safer and be more careful," said Officer Tom Croskrey, Richland Police Department.  

Officers not only learn how to handle the car, but balance listening to dispatch and coordinating the chase with other officers.

"Some of the scenarios are really simple. They start out as a traffic stop and we're asking you -'Should you be going 10 over the speed limit on Cottonwood because all the guy did was violate a traffic stop?'," said Sgt. Chris Vowels, Richland Police Department.     

But officers must also learn to drive on slippery streets. A skid simulating car reproduces driving in bad weather and allows officers to correct bad habits.

Me being from Salt Lake, I'm used to driving in the snow, but even I found this car difficult to handle.

Several officers now receive the training each year. Those I talked to said it comes in handy during real pursuits.

Officers said the training's main goal is to help officers make better decisions, to keep innocent people safe, and avoid unnecessary accidents.